Tropical Cat Trees

  ~Pussy Cat Paradise~  Cat Condo   ©2011-2016 

Pussy Cat Paradise       Pussy Paradise
Your Kitties own Tropical Getaway. This Fun, Themed Cat Condo has Luxurious Lounging on every Platform, from inside on the shelves
and bottom space, all the way up to the Ocean top Platform. It includes Sunrise, Palm Tree with Parrot, Soft Island Pillow and a
 37" Tall attached Sisal Scratching Post with signs. This Cute Cat Condo is framed with 100% wood, wrapped in carpet and then 
covered in Super Soft Blue Luxury Faux Fur, which is padded on all the Lounging places for extra Softness. It is 5' Tall to the top of the sun
and it has two shelves inside for them to lay on and look out the entrance holes, or climb up to the Ocean top platform. It also has a
 soft space at the bottom for them to curl up and sleep in.    Spoil them with their own Sunset Lagoon Paradise!

$1009.00     Shipping $269.00*
60" T x 42" W  x 27" D,     approx. 100 lbs.


                  Our Client wanted Sea Shells on her Sand Textured painted Base


                                                                             *Shipping Prices are subject to change*   


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