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Choose your Tree Trunk and Branch Exterior Covering

Luxury Fur Exterior        Textured Wood Exterior        Fabric Bark Exterior
      Faux Luxury Fur Exterior                    Wood Exterior                     Fabric Bark Exterior         

All of our Trees are Framed with 100% Wood. You can choose which kind of Exterior you want on your Tree Trunk and Branches
(You can also choose the Coverings on the Tree-top Platforms, Please see Add-ons and Upgrades Page).

The Standard Tree-top Platforms have Dark Green in/outdoor carpet in the centers, with Light or Dark Green Cotton Fabric Puffs
around the edges of the Platforms making a nest for little heads to lay on.  You can upgrade to faux fur fabric on them for a thicker
fabric than the cotton, or even send us your own fabric, if you would like.  The Platforms are padded under which ever covering
you choose, and the bottom space and shelves inside the Tree Trunk are  padded for softness as well.
The Standard Trees include Ivy Leaves. You can upgrade to Ficus Leaves, which are longer and fuller with thicker stems. 
You can upgrade to Microsuede, Luxury Fur or you can even use your own Fabric that matches your Decor on the Tree-tops.
For the Exterior of your Tree (on the Tree Trunk and Branches) you can choose Fabric Bark, Wood, or Faux Luxury Fur. (see photos above)
Our Original Trees were the Fabric Bark Trees. They are covered with carpet and then a Fabric that resembles Bark.

We also make a Wood Exterior on our Cat Trees. The Tree Trunk and Branches are Textured and Painted to resemble
Bark, and then finished with a Polyacrylic coating for Long Lasting Protection.
Our clients like them because cat hair does not stick to them like it can on carpeted furniture, as well as for the lasting durability.
 You can get them with a Polyacrylic coating (Shiny) or with 2 coats of Matte paint for a more Natural, Realistic look. (Compare Below)

You can also choose Luxury Fur on the Exterior of your Tree. These are covered with carpet first and then Faux Luxury Fur over that.

 You can design very Realistic looking Trees, Magical Fairy-tale Trees, or Wild and Vibrant Trees to brighten your House.
There is no limit to what you can create. Some clients even add Fairy Lights and nature sounds to their Trees.
Choose your Tree Model  
One Difference between the Tree Models is the number of Tree-top Platforms on top of the Trunk.
2.8 ~Lil Hickory Tree-Wood Exterior 6 Enchanted Tree-Fur Exterior 6 Hidden Hollow-Fur Exterior 6 Fantasy Tree-Wood Exterior
~Lil' Hickory Tree~            ~Enchanted Trees~                ~Hidden Hollows~            ~Fantasy Trees~              ~Magical Trees~       

1  Tree-top Platform              2  Tree-top Platforms              3  Tree-top Platforms           4  Tree-top Platforms            5  Tree-top Platforms      

Here are some Links to take you to each of our Trees:

  Choose what you would like on your Tree's Base  
Faux Olive Luxury Fur on Base          Faux Dark Green Fur on Base              Brown Painted, Textured Matte Base        Green Painted, Polyacrylic Base

Compare the Finishes on our Wood Exterior Trees  
         6 ft Fantasy Cat Tree                                          Create A Fantasy Forest for your Cats                                         
Polyacrylic Coat (Shiny)              Natural Look Finish (Matte Brown)
              Create a 'Fantasy Forest' with different sized Trees for them to 
                                                                                                                        jump back and forth, and chase each other and hide on. 



The Ultimate Cat Trees

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