Luxury Cat Furniture

             Custom Designs by our Clients                                 
The Possibilities of what you can Create are Endless.........
                                                                 You can even send your own Fabric to match your Décor
the Colors and Materials that you Love and Design your own one-of-a-kind Cat Tree
    Our Client designed this Black Fabric Bark Tree with Gray Luxury Fur                One of our Clients designed this Wood Tree with Leopard Fur and Dark Green
      Ficus Leaves, Scratch Patch, Fairy Door and she made her own Moss                  Microsuede, Jagged Holes, Fairy Door, Ficus Leaves and Natural Look Finish.

Our Client designed his Fabric Bark Tree with Vines growing up the                           Our Client designed her Wood Tree with Leopard Fur edging and Light 
side of it,  Daisy flowers growing on his Dark Green Fur covered base                         Green Microsuede Tree-tops and Hot Pink Fur on the Shelves inside Trunk
and Wisteria Flowers instead of Leaves on his Olive Luxury Fur Tree-tops.               She added Ficus Leaves and the Polyacrylic Coat.


 Our Canadian Client designed this Natural Finish Wood Tree, Ficus Leaves, Fairy Door,  Green Fur              Our Client Designed Beautiful Fall Tree to blend in with her Decor.
 on Base and
Ivy growing up the sides of Tree, Leopard Fur on edges with Carmel Luxury Fur in Centers.

                                               9' Custom Corner Cat Tree
   Wood, Natural Finish, Ficus Leaves, White Wisteria, Butterflies          Our client designed a Fabric Bark, with Olive Luxury Fur                      9' tall Custom Corner Tree
 Jagged Holes and Hunter Green Fur on Tree-tops and Base            and a mix of Wisteria, Ficus Leaves and Flowers

  Our Client designed her Fabric Hidden Hollow with                                 Client designed this Metallic Bronze                  Client designed this Beige Bark Tree
  Olive Luxury Fur on Tree-tops,
base and shelves inside,                            Tree with Fairy Door and Ficus Leaves               with Black Luxury Fur and Ficus Leaves

  Fairy Door, Wisteria /Ficus Leaves, and Beautiful Vines 

  Our Client designed her Enchanted Tree with Daisies, Olive Fur on her Base        Our Client designed this Wood Tree with a Honey               Mahogany colored Tree                     
                  and having Willow Ferns drape off her Tree-tops                                        Beige color, Dark Green Microsuede, Ficus Leaves   
          Our client designed her Matte Finish Wood Tree with lots of Beautiful Flowers                        Wood, Fairy Door, Jagged Holes, Rope, Ficus Leaves, Scratch Patch   
                                                                                                                                            Ivy growing up Tree and Fallen Leaves on Dark Green Fur Base

                          Exotic Cat Enchanted Tree                         
                             "Suki"                                                 Our client designed this 6' Enchanted Tree                   Gothic look Tree with Black Finish, Black Luxury Fur Base
  Our Client wanted Yellow Luxury Fur on her Tree               with Jaguar Fur, Exotic Flowers and Feathers                and Tree top, Black and Silver Roses, Red Fur inside Trunk 
          and added her own Flowers herself                                                           
antasy Tree
with Fabric Bark exterior, Leopard Fur, 

Our Client designed this 8' Wood exterior Tree with Light Green Microsuede                             6' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fabric with Purple Sparkle Luxury Fur
                               and White Luxury Fur, 
Swinging Rope, Scratch Patch, Fairy Door and                                               Fairy Door, Ficus Leaves, Tiger Fur on Shelves in Trunk
                                             Ficus Leaves with a feeding area on the main platform.                                                                            and Kelly Green Fur on the Base

                        12 ft Fall Cat Tree  

                                                                                          12' Tall Custom Cat Tree
                  This Tree spans 8' across with 7 Large Lounging Platforms. It has a Nautral look Wood exterior with Jagged Holes.
                         The Tree-top Platforms are covered with Autumn Luxury Fur and Long Autumn Leaves and Sage Microsuede.
              It is Fully Enclosed with a Rounded Rear Door, has an extra Large Fairy Door and 5 super Large shelves inside the Tree Trunk.
                    The Tree Trunk is 26" in Diameter with vines growing up the sides of the Tree, and Lanterns that are on a timer.  
     Cats can walk out the entrance holes to the Tree Trunk's 2 lower platforms, and also jump up onto the balcony from the Tree-top Platforms.  
                                   It has 2 Large different sized bases for stability with one root growing out on to the bottom base.
              Luxury Cat Tree from A Fantasy Forest  10 ft Weeping Willow Cat Tree
                                                                                 Custom 10' tall Weeping Willow Cat Tree
                                           It is 9' wide and made to hangout over the bed so your Kitties can look down
                                           at you or if they are brave enough, they can jump down on the bed. It fits in the
                                          corner and has huge shelves inside the Tree Trunk and a Soft, Large Main Platform.
                                          This Tree has a heart with initials carved into it, a Fairy Door and a Window with Shutters. 
                                                  Weeping Willow Cat Tree by A Fantasy Forest

           Wildwood Lair Pet House  For Spoiled Rotten Kitties
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