Designer Cat Trees

                                                   ~Kitty Tower~ Corner Tree ©2008-2013 

             These 7' Tall Trees were created to fit in a corner to take up less space, and are more like a Tower.
             The Trunk is Hollow so your cats can hide and play in there, or climb up and Lounge on the
             Tree-top platforms.  The Corner Tree has 4 platforms on top of the Tree Trunk 
             They have one Shelf inside the Tree Trunk, and also a built in Sisal Scratching Post inside the Trunk.
             The Dimensions are 84"T x 43"W  and it comes out 30" in radius from the corner and weighs 130 lbs.
 $1049.00 Wood         $1099.00 Fabric Bark

These Trees ship Fully Assembled by Freight, Please call or e-mail with your zip code for a Freight Quote

              8' Wood Corner Tower with Ficus Leaves                       Front and  Rear View of Fabric 7' Corner Tower with Ivy Leaves

                  7' ~Corner Tower~ with Fall Luxury Fur                 Padded Microsuede on Platforms of  7' Corner Tower






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