Luxury Cat Trees for Spoiled Rotten Kitties!

                                                                                                          I'll be so sad if I can't have a Fantasy Tree        PLEASE, can I have one? 

To place your order, you can call, e-mail or use the Order Form below, which ever you would like.
If you would like us to call you, please let us know when would be a good time to call. or 407-327-1036

We apologize, we are continuing to have a huge volume of orders coming in every day, and the current time to start is towards the third week of June  2016, if you would like to be added to our list now.
We're so sorry, each of our Trees are custom, hand made to order and we take pride in the quality of our products, so unfortunately, we can't rush them.

We are adding people to our waiting list, Please let us know if you would like to be added, if it is not too long for you to wait.
Sometimes when we get to someone on the list, they might not have the money right then or they need to reschedule it for later, or we might have a cancellation, so the time frame is constantly changing and could be much sooner.

We don't take any payment until about one week before it is time to start your order.
When it is time for payment, we can send you a Detailed
Payment Invoice, so you can pay online at the secure site with any Credit Card or Paypal, or we can call you for your information, which ever you would like.

We will go over your order completely with you before we start, and you can change or add anything you would like then.
Again, we are so Sorry about the time frame.  We Truly Appreciate your Business!!


~A Fantasy Forest~
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2'8"  Lil Hickory -Fur-     $399.00   shipping $119.00


2'8"  Lil Hickory -Wood-  $439.00   shipping $119.00


2'8"  Lil Hickory -Fabric- $489.00  shipping $119.00


6' Hidden Hollow - Fur- $889.00 shipping $269.00


6' Hidden Hollow  -Wood-  $939.00 shipping $269.00


6' Hidden Hollow -Fabric- $1019.00 shipping $269.00


7' Hidden Hollow - Fur- $1059.00  Freight Quote


7' Hidden Hollow -Wood-  $1099.00   Freight Quote


7' Hidden Hollow -Fabric- $1199.00  Freight Quote


6' ~Fantasy Tree -Fur- $909.00 shipping $269.00


6' ~Fantasy Tree~ Wood - $989.00 shipping $269.00


6' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fabric  $1089.00 shipping$269.00


7' ~Fantasy Tree - Fur - $1199.00  shipping $449.00


7' ~Fantasy Tree~  Wood -  $1259.00  shipping $449.00


7' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fabric - $1359.00  shipping $449.00


8' ~Fantasy Tree - Fur - $1409.00 Freight Quote


8' ~Fantasy Tree~ Wood - $1449.00  Freight Quote


8' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fabric - $1509.00   Freight Quote


10' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fur - $1809.00 Fregiht Quote


10' ~Fantasy Tree~ Wood- $1909.00 Freight Quote


10' ~Fantasy Tree~ Fabric- $1999.00 Freight Quote


4'8" Enchanted Tree - Fur - $649.00 shipping $179.00


4'8" Enchanted Tree -Wood- $699.00 shipping $179.00


4'8" Enchanted Tree~ Fabric- $749.00 shipping$179.00


6' ~Enchanted Tree~ Fur - $819.00  Shipping  $269.00


5' ~Pussy Paradise~ Fur - $909.00  Shipping $269.00


2' ~Lil Ganja~ Tree - Wood - $420.00 shipping $119.00

  2.5 Kitty Moonshine Barrel Bed $479.00 shipping $99.00

2.5 Kitty Cabernet Barrel Bed $479.00  shipping  $99.00


4' ~Old Cypress~ Tree, Wood -$779.00shipping$269.00

Add-ons and Upgrades:

Light Green Microsuede $30/ $45/ $55/ $65


Dark Green Microsuede  $30/ $45/  $55/  $65


Ficus Leaves Upgrade     $25/ $45/ $55/ $65 


Brown Scratch Patch  $30.00 on Fabric Bark/ Luxury Fur


Brown Scratching Post in Tree-tops $45.00


Jagged Holes  $25.00/  $35.00/  $45.00


Fairy Door                  $35.00


Window with Shutters   $50.00


Decorative Timer Lantern  $25.00


3 Magical Lanterns    3 / $35.00


Swinging Rope      $5.00


Fully Enclosed / Rear Door $200/ $295/ $325/ $375

If you have any questions, comments or would like to tell us about any Special Customizations you would like
 Please let us know.
Thank You!

                                                                 *Shipping Prices are subject to change*

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