Themed Cat Furniture


4.8 Enchanted and Rock Star         8 Enchanted Tree and Pussy Paradise
                                                             These are some of our other Lines of Cat Furniture. 
                                     Although they are not available now, they will be returning with a New and Better Design. 
                                            Please check back often for Brand new Furniture Lines that will be coming soon

 ~Moutain Falls~ Cat Furniture                                                                     ~Kitty Chateau~ Cat Condo
                        Enchanted Mountain with Cascading Waterfall and Caves to play in                         Your Kitties own Mediterranean Villa!

                                            ~Lil' Hickory~                                                                                   ~Lil'Diva~               
                                  Adorable Tree Stump with Luxurious                                Hot Pink Condo with Super Soft Lounging for your Spoiled Glamour Puss. 
                                      Lounging and Realistic Look                                             Great for a Teenagers' Room, has special heart shaped Entrance Hole.

                                       ~Fairy Landing~                                                                               ~Sisal Scratching Post with a View~
                        Cute Cat Bed to Brighten up your Room                                                         6' Custom Scratch Post for your Kitties to climb

                                  ~Old Cypress~
is               An aged, weathered looking Cat Tree that is 4' Tall.
              Includes Cat Tails, Moss and a Dragonfly on the Cypress Knees

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