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Large Cat Furniture

Rocky's Tree with a Den in the Tree top

​​​Extra Large Cat Tree

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Extra Large Cat Trees
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​​​Large Cat Trees

Large Cat Trees

 Drawbridge Door and Window

Exotic Pet Tree

10' Tree with Weeping Willow Leaves

This is one Super Large Cat Tree.  It has 4 shelves inside the Tree Trunk for your Kitties to lay

on and look out the entrance holes, or they can use them to climb up to the Tree-top Lounging Platforms. There is also the space  at the bottom of the Tree Trunk to lay and curl up and sleep in too. This Extra Large Cat furniture has 5 Large Tree-top Platforms for them to play and Lounge on.

 It backs up flat to the wall to take up less space and is open in the rear for easy cleaning.
**The Leaves are non-toxic, but you can also order your Tree without Leaves if your Cats eat Fake Plants or if you are not sure about them**
This Trees dimensions are 120" T x 55" W x 33" D  and it weighs approx. 215 lbs.
The top 3 platforms ship by Fedex Ground for $299  
(Weeping Willow Leaves take 2 Ground Boxes)

The Main platform and Tree trunk ship by Freight. Please call or e-mail with your zip code for a Freight Price Quote 
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