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Add an extra lower Platform for your Cats to walk out on from inside the Trunk  $100.00

Rocky's Tree with a Den in the Tree top

​​​Extra Large Cat Tree

Cat Trees that look like Real Trees
Extra Large Cat Trees

*Shipping Prices subject to change*

Exotic Pet Tree

Extra Lower Platform

10' Tree with Weeping Willow Leaves, extra Lower Platform

Extra Large Luxury Cat Trees


Large Cat Furniture for Multiple Cats
Exotic Pet Tree
Custom Pet Furniture

​​​Large Cat Trees

Unique Cat Trees

This is one Super Large Cat Tree.  It has 4 shelves inside the Tree Trunk for your Kitties to lay

on and look out the entrance holes, or they can use them to climb up to the Tree-top Lounging Platforms. There is also the space  at the bottom of the Tree Trunk to lay and curl up and sleep in too. This Extra Large Cat furniture has 5 Large Tree-top Platforms for them to play and Lounge on.

 It backs up flat to the wall to take up less space and is open in the rear for easy cleaning.
Birds, nest/eggs and a sign for you to customize as you wish are included.
This Trees dimensions are 120" T x 55" W x 33" D  and it weighs approx. 215 lbs.
The top 3 platforms ship by Fedex Ground for $269  (Weeping Willow Leaves take 2 Ground Boxes)

The Main platform and Tree trunk ship by Freight.
Please call or e-mail with your zip code for a Freight Price Quote 
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Large Cat Trees