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White Luxury Fur / Birch White Tree Trunk

2'8" ~Lil Hickory~ Cat Tree      ©2011-2023 

Soft Faux Leopard Fur Tree-top

Fantasy Cat Trees

This Adorable little Cat Tree was created for all of our Clients that asked for a smaller Tree. 
It's Great for those with Limited space. You can place it up next to a window sill so your
Cats can Lounge the day away looking out, place it up on a table or other Furniture or yo
u can even add it with a Larger Cat Tree to create a little Forest for your Kitties to jump from

one Tree to another. It has Super Luxurious Lounging on the Tree-top and inside the Tree

The Tree Trunk inside space is approx. 14" Wide by 13" Deep so even Larger cats have

plenty of room to curl up.
This cute Tree is 32" T x 33" W x 22" D  and it weighs approx. 45 lbs. 
The ~Lil' Hickory~ Tree already includes some Upgrades, like the Ficus Leaves and Padded

Microsuede centers on the Tree-top. 

**Although the leaves are non-toxic, we can make your Trees without them if your kitties like to eat fake plants, or you are not sure about them.**
It  backs up flat to the wall to take up less space and is open in the rear for easy cleaning.
You can choose Light or Dark Green Microsuede or even Upgrade to Fur on the Tree top if you would like.  Y
ou can also add a Fairy or Drawbridge Door in front instead of the Jagged Entrance

Hole - $35 or $60 and you can also have it Fully Enclosed with a Rounded Rear Door $100.

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Black and Hot Pink Luxury Fur

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