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Wildwood Lair Tree Stump Dog Bed

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Unique Dog Tree Stump Bed
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Unique Tree Stump Dog Bed

Dog Tree Stump Bed

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3' ~Wildwood Lair~ Tree Stump Dog Bed  © 2017-2020   

This adorable Tree Stump is a Pet Paradise. It’s perfect for those wanting beautiful and unique pet furniture that looks great in your Living area. This cute Hollow hideaway includes an Ivy vine growing up the Tree Trunk, a Butterfly, a little Peek Hole, Luxury Fur on the base to resemble Grass, a small Branch with Leaves  and  a Wood sign for you to customize.  It’s your precious Pup's own Hidden Den.

~Wildwood Lair~ has a Jagged Entrance hole leading into the Secret space, which is padded and soft for  your Dog to curl up and sleep in.  

The measurements inside the Tree Trunk are 18” wide by 16” deep.
It backs up flat to the wall and is open in the rear for easy cleaning.

  Add a little bit of nature to your Living Area.  Delight your Dog and yourself with one!
You can also customize with a Fairy Door       $ 35.00 
                                         Hanging Lantern      $ 10.00

                   It measures 36” T x 23” W x 22” D and weighs approx. 30 lbs.
​                                                    *Shipping prices are subject to change*