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Fairy Landing~ looks like an Adorable little Cat Tree. It's a Luxurious Cat Bed and Sisal Scratcher all in one.  This cute, whimsical Tree has an extra Large, Super soft Tree-top Platform for your Kitties to lounge on.  It is completely customizable so you can create it to blend in with your own Décor. This one is covered with Olive Green Faux Luxury Fur on the Padded Tree-top, on the soft pillows that line the edge of it, as well as on the Base. The plush pillows lining the edges of  the platform make a safe little “nest"...........Purrrfect for your Precious Kitty to curl up and sleep on. 
~Fairy  Landing~ is a Scratching Post with a view.   It has a 30” tall Brown Sisal Scratching Post that gives your Cats room to stretch while they are scratching, and it also includes Ficus Leaves and Butterfly. It’s great for those with limited space who have asked for a Luxurious Cat Bed and Scratching Post all in one to take up less space.
Make your Feline’s dreams come true with this Functional Cat Tree Bed and Scratching Post.
Each one is Handcrafted in the USA. You can Create your own one-of-a-kind ~Fairy Landing~ . You can choose your Faux Fur colors and the Leaves are optional.
**Although the leaves are non-toxic, we can make your Trees without them if your kitties like to eat fake plants, or you are not sure about them.**
Choose bright and vibrant colors, or exotic leopard, tiger or cheetah faux fur for the wild look that you love, with or without the Leaves. Or you can Design a more natural looking Tree that blends in with your Décor with Greens and Browns.
The extra Large Tree-top platform is approx. 28” wide by 19” deep, and it is 33” tall at platform, more than 3 ½’ to leaves.   
It weighs approx. 35 lbs. and it’s very sturdy, even for

larger cats or more than one Kitty.

Cat Tree Bed and Scratching Post all in one

Designer Cat Tree Bed and Scratching Post

Fairy Landing Scratching Post
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Scratching Post and Cat Bed all in one
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