Enchanted Cat Trees

Autumn Color Luxury Fur and Fall Leaves, Sage Microsuede, Fairy Door, Jagged Holes, Fully Enclosed with Rear Door

Luxury Cat Trees
Custom Cat Furniture
Luxury Cat Furniture

Wood Exterior

Dark green Microsuede and Fur, Fairy Door, Ficus Leaves, Jagged Holes

Designer Cat Furniture

Wood  Exterior, Olive Luxury Fur on Tree tops and Base, Extra Ficus Leaves,  Jagged Holes

 Dark Green Microsuede, Window/shutters, Fairy Door, Jagged Holes, Dark Green Fur Base

Cat Tree seen on My Cat From Hell

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Quality Cat Trees made in the USA

6'   ~Enchanted Tree~ Cat Furniture  ©2011-2019

Enchanted Cat Tree by A Fantasy Forest

Extra Lower Platform

Jaguar Fur Tree tops with Exotic Flowers and Feathers, Ficus Leaves

 Dark Green Microsuede, Extra Loaer Platform, Jagged Holes, Olive Green Fur Base

Enchanted Cat Trees

Enchanted Forest Cat Tree

  ~Enchanted Tree~ with extra Platform Season 4 

The ~Enchanted Tree~ is 6' tall with 2 Large Tree top Platforms as well as 2 shelves inside the Tree Trunk for them to lay on and look out the Entrance Holes or to use to  climb up to the Large Tree-top Platforms.  It also has a space at the bottom of the Tree Trunk to hide and sleep  in. It  is made with 100% wood and has Ivy growing up the front of the  Tree.

 Our Tree-top Platforms are much Larger than any other Cat Furniture out there, so your kitties have plenty of room to stretch out and relax. 
It includes Birds, Nest/eggs and a sign for you to customize as you wish.
The Main Platform is 44" wide and 28" deep and the Taller Platform measures approx. 30" wide by 26" deep.  **The Leaves are non-toxic, but you can also order your Tree without Leaves if your Cats eat Fake Plants or if you are not sure about them**
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Indulge them today with this Mystical Enchanted Tree!
Approx. 72" Tall  x  42" Wide  x  27" Deep,       100 lbs.      

Exotic Cat Trees
Enchanted Cat Tree