Fantasy Cat Tree

Leopard Fur, Flowers, Ficus Leaves, Hot Pink Fur on shelves, Fairy Door

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The Best Cat Tree Ever

6'  ~Fantasy Tree~ Cat Furniture  ©2011-2022  

Fantasy Cat Tree
Cat Fancy Editor's Choice winner Fantasy Cat Tree
Luxury Cat Tree
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Fantasy Cat Trees

Fantasy Forest Cat Trees

with Extra Lower Platform

Designer Cat Tree

Fantasy Cat Trees

Beautiful ~Fantasy  Cat Trees~ are one of our most Popular Trees.  These Fairy-Tale like

Cat Trees have 4 Large Tree top Lounging Platforms on top of the Tree Trunk. 

These 6' Trees have 1 shelf  inside the Tree Trunk, and your Cats also have the space at the bottom of the Tree Trunk to lay and curl up in.  It backs up flat to the wall to take up less space and is open in the rear for easy cleaning. 

This Tree's dimensions are approx. 68" T x 48" W x 26" D and it weighs approx. 110 lbs.
***The Leaves are non-toxic, but you can also order your Tree without Leaves if your Cats eat Fake Plants or if you are not sure about them***
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Fantasy Cat Trees win Cat Fancy Editor's Choice
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Designer Cat Tree

Grey with Silver Highlights and Silver Fairy Door and Shutters

Fantasy Cat Tree