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​This Magical looking Cat Tree has a Castle up in the Tree tops.
It’s like a Fairy Tale Fantasy Dream come True for your Kitties.
There is one shelf and the bottom space for your cats to curl up and sleep
inside of the Tree Trunk, or they can use it to climb up to the Tree tops.
At the top level, it has a Large Main Platform and another taller Tree top
platform, as well as a Castle that your cats can go inside and hide or they can
sleep on top of it. 
 The Whimsical Fortress has Flags on the three Castle Towers.

  This Enchanting Tree is already upgraded with some extras, it includes a

 Drawbridge Door, Dark green Microsuede Upgrade, Ficus Leaves Upgrade,

Jagged hole and a cute Window with shutters for your cats to peek out of.
***Although the Leaves are non toxic, you can order your tree with out them

if you are not sure if your cats might try to eat them ***
The tallest flag is at approx. 6 1/2 ft tall, and it the Tree is approx. 48” wide x 27” deep.
The Castle box area that they can go in and get on, is approx. 16” tall x 17” x  18”

$ 1679.00      Shipping $ 899.00
(ships in two large boxes)

Spoil your Kitties with this Fantastic Fairy-Tale Fantasy Cat Tree!

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Our client wanted Purple Sparkle Luxury Fur
 You can ask about other Colors too.

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