Window with Shutters

Extra Lower Platform off of the Tree Trunk for your cats to walk out on  ~ $ 100.00

 On 6' Hidden Hollow and 6' Fantasy Tree, Lower Platform must be shipped separately

Add-ons and Upgrades

Decorative Cat Trees

Window with Shutters

You can Completely Customize your Fantasy Tree
Design your Cat Tree and make it a Truly One-of-a-Kind piece of Cat Furniture

​Add a Rustic Drawbridge ~ $ 60.00
​Handcrafted Rustic Wood Door with chains and grate. Attached open.      
Approx. 10" Tall x 7" Wide  

Fantasy Cat Tree with Drawbridge Door

Fully Enclose the Tree Trunk with a Rounded Rear Door
4' 8" Tree - $ 200.00      6' Tree - $ 295.00      7' - 8' Tree - $ 325.00     10' Tree - $ 375.00
Full Enclosure adds about 25-45 lbs. depending on the size of Tree

We will go over your order completely with you before we start, and you can change or add anything you would like then. The Standard Tree-top Platforms have Dark Green indoor/outdoor carpet in the centers and soft Green Cotton Fabric Puffs around the edges of the Platforms,
that makes a soft pillow for little heads to lay on. They include Ivy Leaves. You can upgrade to Ficus Leaves, Padded Microsuede, Luxury Faux Fur or even use your own Fabric that matches your Decor. You can cover just the Edges of the Tree-top platforms with Faux Fur and have Microsude in the center of the platforms, or you can completely cover the Tree-top Platforms with  Luxury Fur, as well as the Exterior Tree Trunk and Branches. 

  We love animals so we only use Faux Fur
Super Soft Luxury Faux Fur 
This 1 1/2" Long Luxury Fur can range from
$ 32-$ 35 per yard

Fairy Door
Fairy Door

Upgrade to Microsuede on the Tree-top Platforms Lounging areas instead of the standard Padded in/outdoor Carpeting. (Microsuede is very soft, durable, it resists stains and Pet hair does not embed like it does to carpet.) It is available in Light Green and Dark Hunter Green
4'8" Tree - $ 30.00 
       6' Tree - $ 45.00       7’ Tree - $ 55.00         8’ Tree - $ 65.00       10' Tree - $ 85.00

Add Jagged Holes for a more Natural Look than the Standard Rounded top entrance Holes 
4.8 - 6' Tree  - $ 25.00       7' - 8' Tree  - $ 35.00        10' Tree -  $ 45.00

 Soft Faux Fur

 This 1/4" pile Fur ranges from $24-$28 per yard 

​​​Unique Cat Trees

You can also Customize your Tree with your own Fabric that matches your Decor.
 Please mail it down to us. 

         All of the photos with Flowers or Vines, are items that our Clients selected and sent down for us to add to their Trees.     As long as they have a wire in the stem we can use anything.
We have 33 pages of 
Client Photos and a Video Page and Emails from our Clients as well.

Drawbridge Door on Fantasy Cat Trees
Scratch Patch


Extra Lower Platform

Add a brown Sisal Scratch Patch 

$ 40.00

(to your Fabric Bark Exterior Tree)

Extra Lower Platform

Add 3 Magical Lanterns ~ $ 30.00 

Black Plastic 4" x 3" Battery op Flickering Tea Light Lantern

Add a cute Window with Rustic Wood Shutters ~ $ 50.00           Shutters are attached open

Fantasy Cat Trees
Enchanted Fairy Door

Add a Brown Sisal Scratching Post

$ 55.00   (to your Wood Exterior Tree)

 Swinging Rope  ~ $ 5.00

Designer Cat Furniture

​​​Add a Rustic Enchanted Fairy Door$ 35.00

​Handcrafted Rustic Wood Door that opens and closes   Approx. 9" tall x 7" wide

Upgrade​ to Ficus Leaves (they are Longer and Fuller) than the Standard Ivy Leaves
**The Leaves are non-toxic, but you can also order your Tree without Leaves

if your Cats eat Fake Plants or if you are not sure about them**
4'8"  Tree - $ 25.00  
  6' Tree -  $ 45.00   7’ Tree -  $ 55.00    8’ Tree -  $ 65.00    10' Tree -  $ 85.00
You can also choose the Autumn Leaves, but these leaves are expensive.

The long Fall Leaves are $475 for a 6' Tree with 2 platforms, and go up in price as there are more platforms.

The Weeping Willow Leaves are not recommended on the smaller size Trees. The original 10' custom Tree has them, but the leaves hang down from the ceiling. They are very long and hang in the way of the cats on the platforms. Some clients still want them, so we can add them if you would like,  These are the most expensive

leaves of all and are $625 for 6' size with 2 platforms, and go up in price as there are more platforms.      

Dark Green Seal Faux Fur

​$30.00 per yard

Best Cat Trees Ever
Scratching Post