~Sisal Scratching Post with a View~

~Fallen Tree Log~Cat Ramp

Our Client designed his ramp to help his older cat climb up to their bed. 

Pussy Paradise
Kitty Moonshine

​~Hidden Den~  Dog House

Cat Tunnel Log

More Cat Furniture Lines

Lil Ganja Cat Tree

​Please click on Photos to see our other Lines of Themed Cat Furniture

Lil Hickory Cat Tree Stump
Whiskey Barrel Cat Condo

Themed Cat Furniture

Railroad Themed Bed
Kitty Chateau Castle Cat Tree
Rock Star Themed Cat Condo
Little Diva Cat Bed

​~Fairy Landing~Cat Bed/Post

Fallen Log Cat Ramp
Little Stump Theme Cat Condo
Fallen Tree Pet Ramp

~Lil Diva~ Cat Condo

Novelty Cat Trees

~Mountain Falls~ Cat Condo

Sturdy Cat Trees for multiple Cats
Cypress Cat Tree
Cat Ramp

~Old Cypress~Cat Tree

Marijuana Themed Cat Condo
Fantasy Cat Condo
Fallen Tree Pet Ramp
Rock Star Themed Cat Condo
Tropical Themed Cat Condo
Old Cypress Cat Condo
Pet Ramp

~Rock Star~Cat Condo

Unique Dog House
Rock Star Themed Cat Condo

If you have an idea for a Themed Tree that you would like, Please let us know and we can try to work with you to create it.  For instance, some have liked Winter/Ice Trees, Spring, Fall Trees, Biker Themed Tree, Native American Themed Tree, Tropical /Beach Theme Condo, Gothic Tree, Faux Wiskey Barrel Bed, Halloween/Dark Trees, Grey Distressed Trees, Weirwood themed Trees, and Easter Themed Trees. Design one with your Favorite Theme!

Wildwood Lair Tree Stump Cat Tree
Castle Cat Tree

~Lil' Hickory~ Tree Stump

Themed Cat Furniture

These are some of our Previous Lines of Cat Condos.  

They aren't available now, but Please check back  

Cypress Cat Tree
Castle Cat Condo
Scratching Post Bed all in one
Woodland Dreams Cat Bed
Fairy Landing Cat Bed