​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here are some frequent questions that clients have

I want to place an order but  I don't see everything that I want to order on the order form.

We have so many different choices of how you can customize your Tree. The possibilities are endless...  Please use the comment box to list anything you want or any questions you have, or Please email or call us. 407-327-1036   We always go over your order with you before we start it.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have.
All of the Flowers and Vines in the photos are items that our Clients have selected and sent down for us to add to their Trees. As long as they have wire in the stems, we can use any kind you would like.

 ***The Leaves are non-toxic, but you can also order your Tree without Leaves if your

Cats like to eat Fake Plants or if you are not sure about them***
We can create a new Tree design with you, if you need a certain size or any thing else you might want or need for your Tree. You can also send us sketches or drawings of what you would like.

  I see there is a waiting list, do I need to put a deposit down?

You do not need to place a deposit down. We don't take any payment until right before we start your order. We always go over everything with you then, so you can change or add anything you would like. We take checks, credit cards or paypal. We just ask that if you need to cancel your order, can you please let us know so we can give others a more accurate time frame. We understand unexpected expenses might come up and you may need to change your time frame.

Which Tree should I choose?

We have many different models and sizes, so that you can choose one that fits your life style and needs. From small Furniture for those with limited space up to any size you may want, even if it's not listed on our site. All of our Trees are framed with 100% Wood and made in the USA. Each one is custom made to order. Fantasy Forest Trees were created for your Cats to climb, play, hide, sleep and lounge on.  You can choose what you would like on the Tree-top Platforms coverings and the base.

The Tree trunk and branches of our trees are textured and painted to resemble bark. You can choose the Natural Look Finish. (matte) or have them polyacrylic coated (shiny)
We use real wood, and depending on the humidity in your home, the wood may shrink causing hairline cracks in the texture. This will not effect the structure of the Tree, it is just cosmetic. You can touch up any small cracks that may appear in the texture, with flat brown paint and a small art paint brush.
Here is a link to
Compare the different Tree Models, sizes and exteriors side by side Compare Trees.

The Basic Models:
Lil Hickory Tree  has 1 Tree-top Platform
Enchanted Tree  has 2 Tree-top Platforms

Hidden Hollow    has 3 Tree-top Platforms 

Fantasy Tree        has 4 Tree-top Platforms  
Magical Trees      have  5 Tree-top Platforms

Then after you choose the Model Tree you want, you customize your Tree as you wish by choosing the Exterior on your Tree Trunk and Branches, your Tree-top coverings, Fabrics and colors, any
Add-ons and Upgrades you might want, as well as things that might not even be listed,

just ask us : )   Design your own one-of-a-kind Fantasy Cat Tree.
Don't forget to check our our Client  
photos. We have 40 pages of them, as well as a  video  page.

Since each Tree is Custom Made and for the Health and Safety of your Pet, Sorry, No Refunds.

Damages during shipping
We pack our products very well and go over each one before packing.
If there is any damage, it has happened during the shipping 
Please take photos of the damage/packing materials and contact us right away.  
407-327-1036 or
Because of the unique custom made design of your Tree, we may have to send you supplies to try and repair the damage.
If you want to send your tree back to us to repair it, we are sorry, we do not refund any shipping costs since that money is paid to a third party for services received. Return shipping is your responsibility. 

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