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"Miss Princess Potatoe Salad"

Lil Ganja Cat Tree

Novelty Cat Furniture

Ganja Cat Trees
Lil Ganja Cat Tree
Novelty Cat Furniture

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Themed Cat Furniture

7' Fantasy Cat Tree with Ganja Leaves 

Themed Cat Furniture

Purrrrfect for those mellow, laid back Kitties that love to lounge the day away.
This cute Cat Tree has a Super soft Tree-top Lounging Platform and also a Secret space for them to curl up and sleep in the bottom of the Tree Trunk. This cute Tree has a Wood Exterior with DarkGreen Plush Fur on the Tree-top and Brown Luxury Fur in the Secret Space. 

$ 420.00 ships for $299.00*
Measures approx. 25" tall and has a 18" x 18" Main Platform.

You can place it in front of a window, or it can even be placed up on other Furniture.
Add with another Larger Tree to create a Forest for them to play in.
Spoil them with this Whimsical Weed Tree!

We can make any size and model Tree with these leaves, just ask us.

Unique Cat Beds

Olive Green Luxury Fur Tree-top    

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